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Platinum AV Integrates Mobotix, Vibaro, QCamPro at Lily's

August 26, 2016

Platinum AV has installed a Mobotix IP surveillance system at Lily’s in Sydney’s Seven Hills. The system includes automation, intercoms, external and internal cameras with edge storage, a dedicated network and remote and local management using mobile devices running the Australian-developed QCamPro app.

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QCamPro: A Security App making waves from Down Under to Down Home

March 23, 2015

This report on QCamPro, a relatively new Smartphone security app that is getting rave reviews around the docks worldwide, has a personal back story that concerns its founder, British born and now Adelaide, Australia-based John Convill and myself and is one that began some 25+ years ago in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

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Impress simplifies office security

June 27, 2014

Impress Media has installed an IP-enabled video door camera at its Norwood premises that lets you see and talk with visitors to the office – even if you’re not there!

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QCam Pro- remote video security in your hands

April/May 2014

Many have grappled with the concept of remotely monitoring video cameras or being alerted when activity is first detected on a protected site...

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Security’s now an app away

April 15, 2014

ONE night at Modbury Jets FC Adelaide, John Convill surprised his mates by flourishing a confidentiality agreement and getting them all to put pen to paper. Six months later, the QCamPro app was born, a simple but wide ranging device that throws out conventional thinking when it comes to home and corporate security.

Since the app came to fruition in 2012, it has been taken up by customers in 64 countries, such is the appeal of the $8.50 device that takes Big Brother overseeing to a whole new dimension. In a good way...

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QCam Pro sails towards overseas success

April 14, 2014

After expanding the number of cameras its remote monitoring smartphone app works with, Adelaide security leader QCam Pro has embarked on a course to pursue the lucrative overseas boating market.

QCam Professional is a smartphone application designed to remotely monitor and control IP video cameras. It provides live video surveillance and two-way voice communication with speaker-enabled cameras. QCam Pro also records events, allowing them to be played back later...

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John’s vision for QCamPro becomes a reality

Australian security expert John Convill today is watching a bright idea he had in 2010 - of a smartphone app that could monitor IP video surveillance cameras - become an international success.

John, the founder and managing director of Vision Security Services, came up with the concept after experience the clunkiness of standard security alarm alerts delivered to his mobile phone. His idea was to link IP cameras with his smartphone’s high-resolution screen to actually “see” what had tripped an alarm.

By April 2012, John’s idea was developed into a product called QCamPro, an iOS app for iPhone and iPad, followed by an Android version in April this year. This brilliant product allows you both to use your smartphone or tablet to both see anyone before the IP video camera and to talk with them in real time.

Today, QCamPro and its associated Event Monitoring Service have received global recognition, making sales to date in more than 58 countries. Already, 18 companies located in eight countries are using QCamPro to provide an Event Monitoring Service to their customers...

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