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Popular Applications

Marine Security


QCamPro remotely monitors IP cameras that have the ability to either detect activity through the camera itself or integration with intruder detection devices, protecting your vessel and notifying you direct to your iOS or Android device.

As well as monitoring security, QCam Pro can become a virtual member of your crew, communicating with staff temporarily away from their post, notifying them of temperature alarms, anchor alarms, bilge alarms, power related alarms, mooring alarms etc.

Business Premises Security


How many times have you had to send the patrol company (or get out of bed yourself) to check on alarm that has been falsely triggered?

QCam Pro watches your business premises when you can't be there. The service sends you a push notification when it detects activity (a sensor disturbance, doorbell ringing or triggered alarm etc), This gives you the opportunity to login to the camera to see what has triggered the system in real time. If your cameras are speaker equipped, you can use two-way voice communication to deter intruders, instruct delivery drivers where to leave packages or speak to potential clients.

The service will also automatically record the activity, giving you the peace of mind that should the worst happen, you have quality HD footage of the event.

Home Security


Your home is your sanctuary, and while it is impossible to physically be there all the time, there are many measures you can take to make it appear that you are.

Most opportunist burglars will ring the doorbell first to see if anyone is at home, before attempting to break in. With QCam Pro's push notification service, you will receive instant notification that your doorbell has been rung. If your cameras are speaker equipped, you can use two-way voice communication to deter any intruders. You could also give instructions to drivers making deliveries or even tell friends and family that you are out and will catch them later.